The first-ever leggings specifically designed for female goalkeepers (or female athletes that play highly physical sports). Constructed with 5mm hip protective padding, along with light-weight anti turf burns panels on the knees and legs, these leggings protect you in every area exposed to the risk of impact or abrasion.

Laced with premium thermal microfibers for warmth and mobility, and constructed with the first-ever built in shin guard pocket that locks the pad in place to eliminate distractions and unnecessary weight. Waistband includes a utility pocket to hold small objects such as your phone, keys or performance tracker.

Anti-Abrasion Calf Panels:

Proprietary light-weight, stretchy anti-abrasion paneling ergonomically placed on the knees and calf, keeping goalkeepers free of turf burns where it matters.

Impact Resistant:

Armored with 5mm hip protective pads that absorb up to 90% of impact in the areas that matter most to goalkeepers.

Built-in Shin Guard Pocket:

First-ever pocket that locks your shin guard in place without the need of extra sleeves or taping that wastes your time and weighs you down.