ExoShield GK Pants


Tapered leg shape down to the ankle to optimize fit. No need for a zipper or stirrup here as we designed the lower leg with durable elastic spandex. Provides extreme impact protection on both thighs and knees to stop cuts, abrasions and bruises. Ergonomic shape of the knees and hips plus technical pad design maximizes range of leg motion.

Impact Resistant:

Incorporates innovative PORON® XRD® Extreme Impact Protection that protects you when you slide tackle, dive or get tackled without hindering your movements. PORON® XRD® Technology is a lightweight, thin and breathable material that’s engineered for repeated impact and shock absorption. Provides extreme padded protection on both thighs and knees from custom gradient-molded EVA thigh pad polyurethane foam on the hip, coupled with a 5mm polyurethane knee pad to stop cuts, abrasions and bruises.


Premium moisture-wicking compression fabric optimizes comfort and breathability, while enabling an aggressive look that will make your opponents wish they never played against you. In addition, anti-bacterial and anti-odor treatments reduce the risk of bad odor and infections. 


Proprietary design maximizes range of leg motion; proprietary knee pad design keeps pad comfortably in place at all times. Our material is ultra slim-fitting, aligning with the contours of your body to properly provide protection without you even knowing it's there. But it will be. And it will be glorious. Specifically designed to maximize protection without compromising agility, utilizing highly flexible materials and combining them in an ergonomic way that actually mimic the way your body flexes, simultaneously protecting you from injury while getting the heck out of your way.

Concrete Proof that nothing protects like we do.