Why Bend-It?

Annoyed at how expensive $160 a pop official matchballs are? Tried replica soccer balls and found their performance disappointing? At Bend-It Soccer we get it; that’s why we jump out of bed every day on a mission to manufacture affordable premium matchballs that are one-third of the price of the leading brands. Buy our Curl-It Pro official matchball and see for yourself why Bend-It Soccer, along with only three other brands, made this year’s top 10 rated best soccer ball brands worldwide on



 Features revolutionary reverse whirlpool designs that help you see the ball bend, move and rotate against any background through the air, so you can clearly see your kicking improve—100% guaranteed!


To maximize your kicking power when taking free kicks, penalties or corners, it’s important to kick the valve, the hardest part of the ball. With this in mind, BEND-IT® developed cutting-edge VPM™ (Valve Position Marker™) technology that shows you precise foot placement—the “sweet-spot” position—on the ball.


Official FIFA regulation match ball but at one-third of the price.  All Our balls are shipped inflated for your convenience and immediate use.

Thermally Bonded:

Thermally Bonded is the highest construction possible for premium matchballs because it creates the tightest seams and most spherical shape possible. Our expertly crafted panel seams are thermally fused (glued), and will last longer than the cheaper-to-manufacture machine-stitched replica balls or hand-sewn balls most commonly found at sports stores.
  • Size 5
  • Revolutionary 12-panel design
  • 100% thermally-bonded [AAA grade quality]
  • 100% PU (polyurethane) wet prismatic soft-touch leather with 4 inner layers to increase soft-touch feel
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention
  • Weight: 422 grams (FIFA standard is 420-445 grams)
  • Meets FIFA, NFHS and NCAA regulations on shape, circumference, size, weight, rebound and water absorption uptake
  • Meets International Matchball Standard (IMS) regulations